How it works

Stabuy Africa Your Local Selling Solution With A Global Reach

 Over a billion people on the African continent and another six billion worldwide want to hear and know about your products and services. Stabuy Africa will bring your target audience to your door, whatever line of your business.

Sale anything or showcase your services on Stabuy Africa to the world, from Manufacturing, Properties, Vehicles, Tourism, Jobs, Services, Entertainment, Events, Agriculture and foods. The lists are endless. 

Entrepreneurs Seeking Investors—are you looking for investors for an innovative idea or product? List your business investment summary and let millions of venture capitalists worldwide know about your idea.

Travel and Tourism — entice your target market by listing promotional and seasonal travel and tourism packages and rewards.

Governments seeking investors — Governments may want to develop or find investors, so why not list your proposal now?

Events and Exhibitions — trade show organizers/promoters always seek a more robust way to reach a broad audience. Listing your venue, business, or promotions through Stabuy Africa will capture plenty of attention.


* List your promotions & special services quickly 

* Easily upload your product images, videos, services, and business offerings 

* Display your prices in your local currency and allow site visitors the ability to convert prices to their desired currency

* Have your content translated into multiple languages reaching millions of potential buyers.

Stabuy Africa includes a powerful search engine that allows users to search the entire site or narrow searches to a particular country, city, or province.

* Help potential customers make quick and easy decisions on your products or services.

  • Build your business on solid foundations and think globally; 
  • Open up your dreams and broaden your business appeal;
  • Post your goods or services to our website and connect to a worldwide audience.

Sell your product or Service Now.